Who We Are

GeseDNA Technology, located in Chaoyang District, Beijing, China, is the only research-based commercial organization in China which focuses on behavioural genetics, with a team of scientists from China’s top psychology and genetics laboratories and engineers in Machine Learning.

With world-leading gene sequencing technology and consistent psychological assessments, GeseDNA provides self-discovery tools and tailored solutions for individuals based on scientific discoveries of multiple areas.


What Interests Us

The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.

—— Carl Rogers

We are interested in both human diversity and individual uniqueness.

By decoding each individual’s unique genetic code and life experience, we are committed to help customers reveal their inherent traits and to support their self-discovery attempts.

Know yourself, accept yourself, and change yourself & the world.


What We Do

We are committed to

• Build your  personal life data management system – GeseDNA interprets your DNA and behaviours with science, provides you suitable solutions with consideration of both inherent inclination and behaviour assessments, improves your life style, and expand your understanding both in you and in the world.


• Jointly build China’s gene-behaviour database – Together with peers, GeseDNA helps to build China’s gene-behaviour database, enabled by close relationships with top universities and research firms.


• Contribute to science popularization – By combining scientific research and commercial services, GeseDNA empowers more people to understand themselves from a scientific perspective. Up to now, GeseDNA has published a number of scientific posts of various topics which accumulatively attract over one million of readers as well as curated a series of public scientific programs with significant effects. You may reach us via WeChat | Weibo | Zhihu by searching for ‘各色人类研究中心’.


What We Provide

Your first dynamic life data management system, including

A set of raw DNA data comprising of 700 000 genetic loci produced through a rigorous quality control process;

10 major categories, possibly the world’s most sophisticated DNA reports ;

Over 50 GeseTags to define your uniqueness;

A number of underlying scientific explanations that help you understand how your DNAs and the environment have collectively shaped this you;

• Latest research papers and results as well as dynamic analysis updated on a regular basis;

Increasing interpretation topics that continue to unlock more physical and psychological characteristics.


Increased appreciation towards yourself by

Participating in public science programs, contributing your part to the advancement of human genome study;

Appropriately assessing your current status with professional tests, comparing your acquired characteristics with your inherent ones;

Receiving life solutions specially tailored for you with professional advices and third-party recommendations;

Relating genes to the world and understanding human diversity through GeseTopics and GeseFigures.

Join Us

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are

1. A self-driven learner who carries strong curiosity in problem solving and enjoys utilizing technology to solve daily problems;

2. Possessing an integrative knowledge structure enhanced by generalized expertise, excellent science literacy and strong interest in psychology and life science;

3. An agreeable, honest communicator with accountability and ability to deliver high quality work on time.


We offer you

1. Exclusive benefit – free mental healthcare;

2. Complete ‘5+1’ social security set, competitive compensation plus share-option schemes;

3. Outstanding associates in a dedicated yet vigorous working environment;

4. Flexible working schedule with reimbursement for night transport expenses;

5. Reimbursement for book purchases and online course registration to encourage consistent learning;

6. Unlimited snakes & drinks and coffee of premium quality;

7. Spacious versatile common workspace; and

8. CATS, CATS and CATS!!


Recruitment 2018


Senior Back-end Development Engineer

Key Responsibilities: Data infrastructure development, system framework construction and underlying project management


Front-end Engineer

Key Responsibilities: Front-end development and data visualization


E-commerce Marketing Specialist

Key Responsibilities: E-commerce platform optimization and sales goal achievement


Bio-Information Engineer (internship available with potential job offer)

Key Responsibilities: User genetic data processing and genetic product development coordination


Digital Marketing Specialist (internship available with potential job offer)

Key Responsibilities: Proprietary content exposure maximization on social media and any other platforms and user-oriented operating tasks across communities


Creative Visual Designer

Key Responsibilities: Various design tasks regarding all creative visual materials, including graphic, multimedia, outdoor, industrial and any other settings


Contact Us


Contact:Zoe GUO(Marketing Director)

Email: qiong.guo@gesedna.com


Digital Marketing

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Science Programs

Contact:Leilei ZHANG(R&D Director)

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Jobs & Careers

Contact:Tingting GUO(CEO & Founder)

Email: hr@gesedna.com


Stories Sharing

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Understanding the science of behavioural genetics

Revealing the best lifestyle for individuals

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